Friday, February 24, 2012

A Tote Bag Making Fool (as opposed to a plain old fool)

I know I was going to post on a more regular basis- I still plan to!  But- you know about the best laid plans....

Everyone loved the tote bags I gave as presents for Christmas.  Needless to say I was pretty proud of myself - and my tote bags.

So I decided to try selling some of them, specially since work is still really slow.  We frequent the feed store to purchase various food stuffs for chickens, squirrels, birds, and of course the dog.  I sewed up some tote bags embroidered with farm animals and pets.  The feed store took them in on consignment 9 days ago.  I have not checked yet to see if any have sold.  (kind of afraid to!)  Here are the ones I have there- except for 2 with horses on them.  I did not get pictures of those two.  I love matching fabrics for the body and the lining with the design I choose to embroider.  They all have something special about them.
 They are indeed "One of a Kind".

Blue canvas duck (like carhart fabric- but prettier) with a floral lining, handles and pocket.

A Crazy Rooster on red cotton with plaid sides, handles and lining.  A red pocket is on the back.
(Not sure if that's the Chicken Dance!)

Everybody loves chickens- or at least they should.
(We sell eggs for $2.00 a dozen)
I used a soft tan bottomweight fabric lined with a pretty floral cotton.  I accented the pocket with the floral fabric and a cute little chick just hatching.  

I didn't get a good picture of the cow design on this.
It's a momma cow with a calf - really cute if you could see it!  This is a chambray material with black and white bias cut stripes on the body of the bag and the pocket, which ties in the cow print lining.
I have a thing about cows.  It's a long story- something to do with a dog in a hat.

Cockadoodle dooo!! This black bag has  "Rooster Morning" embroidered on the side.  A yellow, black and white print forms a large split pocket on the back, the handles and lining.  

Squirrels adorn the front of this berry colored bag.
Blackberries and acorns are on the back next to a pocket that matches the berry print fabric of the lining. We have 3 squirrel feeders and 2 corn cob feeders at our house.  They are so fun to watch.

The last of the ones for sale at the feed store is this chambray tote with kitty cats on the front.  The lining is blue with stripes that match the colors of the felines.  I added a couple striped strips to the pocket on the back.