Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year has Arrived (and more tote bags)

Well, we made it through New Years.  Pretty quiet, except for my neighbor just up the hill fired off his cannon right after midnight.  It shakes the windows!  And freaks out the dog.  He fires it twice a year: 4th of July and New Years.  I've come to expect it and am disappointed if the kaboom doesn't happen.  It's tradition.

So on with the collection of tote bags I made:

This one is made from hot pink denim and lined with a turquoise pink and green floral print.  All of my bags are stabilized with interfacing.  The butterfly theme is on both sides.  I think it's quite fitting for an 8 year old girl.

I think Raggedy Ann & Andy are perfect for a 6 year old  girl.
These designs came from Designs by Sick

   I added a  fancy flower 
next to her name on the back. 
   But my favorite part is the
 Raggedy Ann print I found 
for the lining.   All of the fabrics 
used in this collection of tote bags 
I had on hand.  I dug through my
stash and found pieces of fabric
I had forgotten all about..  What Fun !!

 My 10 year old niece got a peacock.  I love this
design.  The pedestal is silver.  Just a little sparkle.
I used the lining fabric for the handle.  The turquoise is a medium heavy bottom weight fabric. I added a pink swirly design as an accent to the monogram.
Another 10 year old girl got the crazy cats!  This one is from
Kreations by Kara also.  A light denim is lined with a
tan based multi-color floral print.  The colors match the cat
colors, kind of ties it all together.  Little kitty tracks
run next to the monogram on this one.  

I have one young nephew. He is 7 years old.  Not wanting to have him feel left out, I searched for some type of "manly" bag for him.  I found this at Punkin Patterns.  I changed it up a little: Added the brown plaid lining and pocket, and attached an adjustable strap. I even made my own bias tape out of broadcloth I had on hand, since I didn't have any packaged bias tape that was the right color.
I think it looks just Manly enough.   

That is the last of the tote bags I made for Christmas this year.  I had alot of fun making these.  I hope the kids enjoy them, too - And use them!!